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Millstone Whisky (in kist)
Dutch Single Malt Whisky

MILLSTONE Dutch Single Malt Whisky is hand crafted in the traditional distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family. More than 50 years of experience in distilling of exclusive spirits and a constant search for perfection has led to the birth of this exquisite whisky.

Windmills mill the malted barley that is used to produce this Malt Whisky. In using windmills for milling their malted barley the distillery helps preserve the important Dutch heritage of the world famous windmills. Even more importantly the traditional millstones of the windmills slowly grind the malted barley into flour. This traditional way of milling causes almost no increase in the temperature of the grain and thus helps preserve the wonderful aroma’s.


MASHING the grain is done by adding hot water to the malted barley. The hot water triggers the enzymes to convert the starch from the grain into sugars. The process takes about 5 hours per batch. The resulting Mash is cooled to 20 ° Celsius and pumped to the fermentation tank.
The Fermentation is done in small batches at a very low temperature to give this whisky its fruity flavors. The fermentation takes about 5 days. This is much longer than is customary but is essential to allow for the delicate flavors to form.

DISTILLATION, Millstone Whisky is double distilled in handcrafted copper pot stills. The small stills have an extraordinary large copper surface if you compare them to the large stills used elsewhere. The extra contact between the alcohol vapors and the copper helps to eliminate any unwanted substances and also stimulates the formation of the complex and fruity esters. The small stills thus produce a very delicate and fruity new spirit.

AGING After the careful distillation the whisky is aged in small barrels. We use new barrels of American white oak as well as barrels that have previously held Bourbon and Olorosso Sherry. Because we use new or barrels that have been used only 1 time and we store the barrels in a warm and dry warehouse the whisky ages rather quickly. The downside is that the evaporation losses are rather high. Typically the “Angels Share” is between 4% and 5% per year.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Delicate tones of fruit and honey combined with vanilla and wood and a hint of coconuts.

Taste: Rich honey sweetness, delicate spicy notes and a long vanilla oak finish


Meer informatie:

» Recepten Volume: 700ml
» Media Alcohol -%: 40
» Verpakkingen Afmetingen: 23cmx10cm diameter
» Promotiemateriaal Colli (flessen): 6
  Pallet (flessen):

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